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Barrel House Reviews

Everywhere we go, people tell us over and over again how cool they think the Barrel House Cooker is and how impressed they are with the high quality craftsmanship of the product and the results it produces. But don’t take our word for it, read what others have to say below.

By kenneth cunningham [Verified Owner] on August 11, 2017
I enjoy the Barrel House Vertical Cooker Thoroughly! Ive made some outstanding food on it and can see myself using it OFTEN! I hope for a bigger version to come out in the future! Cheers!
By Nic [Verified Owner] on July 31, 2017
Awesome smoker, I can't stop using this beast and the food turns out amazing
By Tim from Denver on July 8, 2017
Thank you. BHC for making such a quality and easy to use product. Been using my BHC every week since I bought it! I'd smoke a bowl of cereal if that baby if I thought it would taste good?
By Katya on July 7, 2017
Really love the BHC. Our first experiment with ribs was a major success.
By Nikki R. on July 6, 2017
I must say, this has been the BEST purchase of the year! We purchased the Barrel for my husband for Father's Day...He has been cooking with it every day since then!! I'm winning! Thank you Barrel House!
By Joel [Verified Owner] on June 5, 2017
Excellent concept, well built. How about a larger unit?
By Andy Rock on May 31, 2017
I smoked pork belly and a brisket for the first time ever. I simply followed the instructions and it turned out perfect. Wow. Amazing smoker.
By Josh [Verified Owner] on May 30, 2017
Comes just like the YouTube video says, ready to smoke. Did 3 racks of ribs a beer can chicken on first go round. Wife's and kids response. "best ribs and chicken EVER!!" Thanks for making our summer cookout awesome this year
By Keith P. [Verified Owner] on May 3, 2017
The flavor I get from using the cooker is far superior to any barbecue I have ever used. And it is so simple to use.
By Chad [Verified Owner] on April 17, 2017
I have had two off set smokers and after the second one rusted out I did some research. I came across the Barrel House Cooker and was intrigued. I decided to try it out. After getting it in the mail it seems like Webber quality. I have used it several times and everything has turned out outstanding. I have done several pork butts, ribs, tri tip steak, and the Easter Ham. Everything has been a thousand times better with this smoker than anything I have ever made on the other offset smoker. I can't wait to try a turkey. (I should have got the turkey accessory.) Only drawback is the size. For the 10-20 people I cook for though, it works. Sometime down the road I will buy another one. My brother in law is planning on getting one soon and I recommend this smoker from the novice to the championship smoker.
By Ron Tice [Verified Owner] on April 4, 2017
Just bought it I've done two cooks on it I love it.i have a big smoker along with charcoal grills this will be my new go to cooker... only problem I have is that one of the latches on the bottom doesn't work so it makes a little difficult to move as one unit... [BHC COMMENTS: We reached out to the customer and the issue was easily resolved.]
By Anthony [Verified Owner] on March 26, 2017
I have 5 grills and smokers, but this is going to be my "go to" cooker! In the 1-2 months I have had it I have cooked 6 racks ribs (10 more to cook in a week) - 6 whole chickens - 18 drumsticks- 20 chicken thighs - 2 whole turkeys - 60 lbs. of pork shoulders - asparagus- and planning on some salmon for my next cook. I couldn't be happier with this cooker, and the fact that 6 lbs. of charcoal (or less) is all that is needed is amazing. The only tip I can give is this, when cooking in colder weather (35 to 50 degrees) your cooking times will lengthen just a bit to get to the temps your looking for.
By Dennis [Verified Owner] on March 9, 2017
Great for the most part. Kind of disappointed with the connection of the base to the cooker. While trying to snap the base onto the cooker, I noticed that one of the metal tabs holding the base was snapped off, but painted over. So it was a factory defect. Plus, only 2 tabs. Seems flimsy. Needs a better way of attachment. Otherwise, very satisfied. (BHC COMMENT: The stand connection to the base has been improved with a more solid design.)
By John Starcevich [Verified Owner] on March 6, 2017
Love my BHC, more efficient, small footprint, cooking times reduced. Love the Hibachi aspect for when I reverse sear my steaks. It has become my go to Cooker for the family. I have other smokers and grills, but the set it and forget it ease of use is sweet.
By Doug akins [Verified Owner] on March 4, 2017
I bought my smoker last summer and I absolutely love it , it's easy to use and the food comes out so good every time I recommend it and the quality workmanship of the cooker is outstanding
By Ron Bane [Verified Owner] on February 27, 2017
First time use of my new Barrel House Cooker. Smoked two pork shoulders for pulled pork sliders. Fantastic! Fired it up and forgot it. Perfect temp control and no fuss.
By Mark Taylor [Verified Owner] on February 25, 2017
By far the easiest, simplest and most efficient smoking setup I've ever used. Smoke time is cut in half and the end result is the best smoked meat I've ever pulled off a grill. Truly a set it and forget it without worrying about stoking a fire, adding wood, temper fluctuations, or electrical malfunctions. Brilliant design and great product. I love it.
By Steve Ritchey on February 13, 2017
I have used an offset smoker for years and loved them. My wife and I started downsizing and I decided that The Barrel House Cooker looked like a good option to what I have been using. I was wrong it?s a great option, wished I would have switched earlier. Thanks for such a great product.
By Harold Turner [Verified Owner] on February 6, 2017
I own a gas grill, a 26" Weber, and a offset smoker. I was considering a pellet smoker when I ran across this product on Facebook. I saw the videos and read the reviews and decided to give it a shot. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My first attempt was a 5 lb Prime Rib on the middle rack. I took it off when the internal temperature reached 135 degrees. I wrapped and let it set until reached 145 degrees. A perfect medium to medium rare. It got rave reviews from my dinner guests. For Super Bowl Sunday I smoked 3 slabs of ribs. I was a little leery of hanging meat, but a first time for everything. I added a few chunks of Hickory and Pecan wood. I was dealing with rain mixed with snow and the BHC had no issues maintaining a steady temperature. Ribs on my Weber tend to come out dark, but these had a beautiful sheen and a perfect smoke ring. In retrospect I wish I could have left them on another 30 minutes, but I was pressed for time to deliver to the ribs to a Super Bowl party in time for kickoff. The BHC is now my go to Smoker. Plus it will free up my gas grill and Weber for other duties when I host a party. My offset smoker might rust before I use it again.
By James B [Verified Owner] on January 25, 2017
I was 68 my last birthday. I have used charcoal grills,water smokers, and offset wood smokers for over 25 years. You can't really BBQ. on a charcoal grill. The meat comes out overcooked and dry. The meat burns on a water smoker. An offset wood smoker produces wonderful smoky flavor. It takes a lot of attention though. You have to fiddle with air vents, wood supply, and the meat you are cooking. I've had one for 11 years. I just bought a new one. I was seriously looking at a ceramic smoker Kamodo Joe or Big Green Egg that would require less attention and create more consistent results. However Those smokers are $2,000.00 I saw your ad for the Barrel House Cooker while I was researching ceramic smokers. Your advertisement of set it and forget it interested me. I thought "Yeah, Right" The price of $350.00 delivered with a guarantee and return convinced me. I ordered one. I've had it about two weeks. It arrived assembled. I had it out of the box and smoking in 20 minutes. Follow the directions. It works. I have smoked meat on it nearly every day in that two weeks.Two whole chickens at once. Two whole briskets at once. Pork shoulder pork butt. And ribs.I bought 24 racks of ribs. My smoked ribs have become famous here. All came out perfect. Just light the fire and add the meat. Everyone I know wants me to BBQ for them. There is no fiddling with vents, wood, temperature or anything else. I am convinced. I still have my new offset smoker. I haven't used it since the BHC arrived. Thank you for a wonderful product that works exactly as advertised.
By Brian [Verified Owner] on January 24, 2017
I have been an avid user of a propane bbq. It works great however, it's nothing like the Barrel House Cooker. I was skeptical at first when I found out the source of heat was charcoal. That means messy residue when one is done cooking, with the potential of getting burned (since you have to lean over and in) when lighting and/or cleaning up after done using the unit. But the geniuses at BHC took that into consideration when developing the cooker. How? Removable base. This makes lighting the charcoal easy and hassle-free, and clean-up even quicker and cleaner (you don't have to buffalo the unit to try to dump out the charcoal carefully as one piece). When it comes to actually cooking on the unit no bbq can compare. I literally placed the meat on the hooks, hung it inside and waited for it to be cooked. Not a burnt piece of meat. Just juicy, perfect meat that did not have to be babysat. If you're looking for a compact, set it and forget it cooker, look no further. The Barrel House Cooker is just that.
By Anthony [Verified Owner] on January 24, 2017
First of all let me say, the Barrel House Smoker cooks excellent meat. In fact, it's because of the quality of the cook that I have decided to keep the smoker and not send it back. So why rate this product a 3? The cooking capacity is way to small. Seriously, without purchasing another upgrade, the smoker will only cook 6 maybe 7 wings. Also, I haven't figured out yet why I paid extra for a thermometer. It seems to me that a thermometer should come standard for 2 reasons. First, most grills come equipped with a thermometer and second the BHS does not cook with a regulated temp. Last, the 2 piece rack is great, when hanging meat and coming something else, but for cooking a Boston Butt the BHS should come equipped with a solid rack. This is coming from a guy who experienced half the rack drop into the coals. As you can tell, I have great frustration with the BHS, however, I was looking for something that cooked juicy great tasting meat with very little maintenence and the BHS has accomplished that purpose.
BHC COMMENTS: We're so glad you had great results with the food. The extra cost associated with the BHC Deluxe is for the thermometer, yes, but also the hinged lid, Open Frame, and Handle Shelf. The thermometer is there to be more of a temperature baseline than a regulator. The BHC will fluctuate some in temp throughout the cook, and that is part of the process. When cooking a large piece of meat, like a Boston Butt, on grates, something we suggest trying is using the H-Frame instead of the Open Frame under the grates. The H-Frame will fit on the middle level with the two half grates on top of it. It will provide a bit more support and security when cooking lots of food on the grates in the middle. Just be sure that the two stand-off points are facing up when in the cooker to ensure the grates fit in securely.
By Emily M. [Verified Owner] on January 19, 2017
My family and I love bbq, but we have always struggled to get it right at home. We received this as a gift, and weren't quite sure what to think of a barrel cooker. For the first cook we tried some chicken and were blown away by the results. We followed BHC's directions, and it was so flavorful yet still so juicy! We're such bbq newbies that we're still getting the hang of it, but we've done mac & cheese (YUM), pulled pork (delish), tri-tip (so tender), turkey, and some other stuff. I can only imagine what someone with bbq know-how could do with this thing. I totally recommend it for anyone looking for an easy smoker.
By Jonathan Burgess [Verified Owner] on January 19, 2017
Received the Deluxe Barrel House Cooker as a gift and was hesitant to cook with it as I am used to gas grills. This cooker was so easy to use and the flavor of the food was juicy and delicious! Tri-tip will never be the same! I was able to hang 2 tri-tips with plenty of room to spare. What a wonderful addition to our outdoor BBQs. Highly recommended!
By Allison O. [Verified Owner] on January 16, 2017
This was "hands down" the best (and easiest) BBQ experience ever! Let me first say I am not an experienced chef, or even that great of a cook...I rarely BBQ because I am afraid of it resulting in wasted money on meat due to over or under cooking. The first thing I attempted was a large tri-tip on Christmas day (crazy right?) turned out to be absolute perfection! Everyone was so impressed with the meat and I was the hero of Christmas Dinner ) My husband now says I am the official BBQ'r of the family. If only everything in the kitchen could be this easy!!! I am so happy with the ease of this cooker and I am so excited to try new recipes! If I can do this and receive rave reviews, any one can.