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18C O-Grate Accessories Reviews

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By Cheryl [Verified Owner] on December 6, 2018
My husband absolutely love his barrell cooker and accessories, probably order a 2nd shortly... we do lots of smoke meat orders.
By Dan Bourassa on October 18, 2018
The o grate is a beautiful addition to my arsenal of accessories for the barrelhouse. I highly recommend this if you want to hang meat and add some side dishes on the o grate.
By on October 2, 2018
By Willard Clark on August 27, 2018
This thing is awesome! Received the O grate with two drumstick racks and was able to load and cook 40 at one time. They turned out perfect.
By thomas c protsik on August 24, 2018
This is a great grill grate . allows for great versatility and options to grill and smoke many items . We're very happy with our purchase .
By Steve Burrell on August 17, 2018
Love the O Grate and the Drumstick rack!
By STEPHEN LITTERAL on August 15, 2018
Haven't used as of yet. Going thru cataract surgery. 2nd eye surgery is 0821. After cleared by Dr. going to give them a workout
By Kim E on August 8, 2018
We have been thinking about getting a smoker for awhile now. We loved the design of the Barrel House cooker. We have loved using it. It is so easy to use and everything we have fixed has turned out delicious. We would highly recommend the BarrelHouse to anyone looking to purchase a smoker cooker
By Timothy D on August 8, 2018
I cannot wait to use the new accessories for my 18C!!
By Al on August 8, 2018
Innovative product that works. Convenient.
By John S. on July 18, 2018
Ok fellow BHC 18C users, the "O" grate is the best! A solid 5 stars, I like the versatility of being able to use the outer perimeter to hold items such as potatoes while I'm hanging meat. The chicken leg rack, seafood-veggie rack, and half grill from my 14D fit perfectly inside the "O" grate. Highly recommend this new grate!

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