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By Leonard frisse on May 28, 2019
A little dissatisfied with the drumstick rack. The spacing is to wide. The drumsticks fall out.
By Vicki failor on March 1, 2019
Husband is very excited to use the new products
By David V Larson [Verified Owner] on February 26, 2019
Love the drumstick holder!!! Will be using it oftne for legquarters and drumsticks..
By Papa Smurf [Verified Owner] on July 17, 2018
This rack works. The drumsticks were amazing! Can't use drumsticks with skinny legs, the rack won't hold them.
By John Starcevich on April 26, 2018
Works great, I was able to cook several drumsticks, while also cooking corn on the cob at the same time. Used the upper rack for the baked beans. A complete meal all at once in a couple hours. Best cooker, so easy to use, no need to babysit. Allows you to enjoy other activities without worrying about the cook !
By Derick Thielbar [Verified Owner] on January 9, 2018
Great way to cook chicken legs!
By Anthony [Verified Owner] on March 26, 2017
The concept was good, and it worked, but too much space between rods. I had to wrap some of the drumstick ends in tin foil to prevent them from falling. Once I did that it worked well.
By Curt [Verified Owner] on August 21, 2016

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