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18C Stainless Steel Base & Basket Reviews

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By [Verified Owner] on April 19, 2019
By Doug Peterson [Verified Owner] on February 12, 2019
I bought this charcoal base because of it being made out of 304 stainless steel. Knowing that it won?t rust or burn out was the main reason. After seeing some standard bases rusting quite a bit after use and seeing the option to purchase the stainless steel it was a no brained! Love the new charcoal base!!!
By Big Lew on October 19, 2018
The original base works great and will last a while. However the original does rust in a humid climate. If and when your original base and basket rusts though, replace it with this and you won't have to worry about rust anymore. Seems like a high price, but it is way cheaper than purchasing and entirely new BHC18. After purchasing this, you can rest assured that your BHC 18 will last a very long time.
By thomas protsik [Verified Owner] on August 16, 2018
I'm very impressed with all of the BHC products and this stainless steel base is no exception . The original base is still in excellent condition but I wanted a replacement for the future ..
By MeatSweats Cartel on July 23, 2018
Excellent product, solid welds, 304 stainless steel. I have used this several times and have had zero issues with zero rust. The built in damper is awesome. Nothing beats cooking on a barrel house. Highly recommend it.

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