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Try one of our delicious recipes in your Barrel House Cooker today!

Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Meatloaf Fatty

Meatloaf stuffed with peppers and cheese, then wrapped in a bacon weave.

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Rosemary Garlic Leg of Lamb with Basil Mint Spread

Tender, boneless leg of lamb with a rosemary garlic crust.

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Ham and Veggies

Flavorful ham and savory veggies cooked in the Barrel House Cooker.

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Brie Blackberry Pizza

Sweet and savory brie and blackberry pizza.

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Steak and Potatoes for Two

Juicy ribeye steaks with onions and mushrooms alongside smoked baked potatoes.

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Sriracha Drumsticks and Corn

Smoked honey lime chicken drumsticks with a Sriracha glaze paired with chili lime corn.

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