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BHC Thermometer BHC Thermometer

BHC Thermometer

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Original insignia BHC Thermometer. Includes holding nut but not the gasket.

To replace your Barrel House Thermometer follow these directions:

  1. Loosen the nut under the thermometer by opening the lid to access it. Clean the area before using a wrench to loosen the nut.
  2. Remove the nut while holding the thermometer and o-ring so they do not fall to the ground.
  3. Clean the area where the new thermometer will sit.
  4. Place the o-ring on the backside of the thermometer.
  5. Set the thermometer in place making sure the o-ring is even as it all sits in place.
  6. While holding the thermometer and o-ring in place, thread the nut on the backside, under the lid. Hand tighten.
  7. Using a wrench tighten the nut but do not overtighten so that the o-ring bulges out.