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All Cooking Accessories / Slotted Grill Grate - BHC 14D
Slotted Grill Grate - BHC 14D Slotted Grill Grate - BHC 14D
  • Slotted Grill Grate
  • Slotted Grate in Cooker with Asparagus
  • Slotted Grate on the cooker base turns it into a Hibachi grill

Slotted Grill Grate - BHC 14D

5.00 / 5 Stars

Fits 14-inch BHC Models.
Usable at all levels in the cooker, this stainless steel slotted grate is the perfect accessory for veggies, shrimp, chopped potatoes, and more.

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Fits BHC 14D models. The stainless steel Slotted Grill Grate is the preferred way to cook a vegetable medley, small red potatoes, shrimp, and many other foods. It nests in both the H-Frame and Open Frame so it can be used at any level of the cooker, including on the hibachi. It also features the wand accessory connection for easy, secure lifting in and out of the cooker.

On the Hibachi, it becomes the perfect grilling surface. The slotted surface serves to temper intense heat sources while the openings allow for sufficient heat passage and drain excess moisture developed in the cooking process.

Dishwasher safe.