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Open Frame - BHC 14D Open Frame - BHC 14D
  • Open Frame
  • Open Frame in Barrel with Half Grill Grate
  • Open Frame on Base with Two Half Grill Grates for Hibachi

Open Frame - BHC 14D

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Temporarily Unavailable

Fits 14-inch BHC Models.
Use the Open Frame on any level within the cooker for nesting other accessories, or use it to transform the base into a hibachi grill.

  • Details

The Open Frame sits on any level (typically the middle) and nests other modular grates for a variety of cooking arrangements while either hanging or not hanging meat from the H-Frame. The feet of the frame allow fixed placement on the cooker base to turn your cooker into a Hibachi grill. Additionally, the feet on the Open Frame allow it to be used as a prepping and cooling rack outside the cooker.

One is included with the Barrel House Cooker 14D. Use this as a replacement or if an extra frame is desired.

Wire-form, nickel-plated, dishwasher safe.