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H-Frame - BHC 14D H-Frame - BHC 14D
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H-Frame - BHC 14D

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Fits 14-inch BHC Models.
Barrel House Cooker’s signature H-Frame is used for hanging a variety of meats from the top level.

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One of Barrel House’s signature H-Frames comes with every cooker purchase. Only buy one to replace your H-Frame or if you want an additional one.

The H-Frame sits on any level within the barrel, but is typically used on the top level to hang meat or other foods. It also nests the modular Half Grill Grate components, forming a partial and/or full grill grate surface. Hooks can be in place while flat accessories/grates sit above them. While placing hooks, they can be hung in multiple locations and configurations. The straight sides of the frame allow for lowering to other levels inside the barrel.

Wire-form, nickel-plated, dishwasher safe.