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Full Grill Grate - BHC 14D Full Grill Grate - BHC 14D
  • Full Grill Grate

Full Grill Grate - BHC 14D

5.00 / 5 Stars

Temporarily Unavailable

Fits 14-inch BHC Models.
The 14-inch Full Grill Grate makes a great surface for cooking, grilling, or for some other accessories to sit on in our 14-inch wide BHC model.

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Fits the BHC 14D. The Full Grill Grate can be used directly on any level of the cooker without the Open or H-Frame. It has two sides that are bent up for easy placement in the cooker and for handles. It is perfect for creating a seamless grilling surface, adding a drip pan at the bottom, or even for larger cuts that may not get hung like pork shoulder or ham. The Deluxe model comes with two Half Grill Grates that fit into the Open Frame to create a full grate, but this full grate is a good addition to the system.

Wire-form, nickel-plated, dishwasher safe.