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EZ-Load Turkey Plus Kit EZ-Load Turkey Plus Kit
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EZ-Load Turkey Plus Kit

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The EZ-Load kit makes cooking a turkey, whole chickens, or other large cuts of meat easier than ever in the Barrel House.

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Watch the video to see it in action.

The moisture and flavor achieved when you cook a turkey in the Barrel House is simply amazing, and the EZ-Load Turkey Plus Kit is the easiest way to do so. The kit maximizes the volume of the cooker (up to a 20 pound turkey!) while providing secure suspension and easy removal. Simply slide the EZ-Load Hanger through the cavity of the turkey and twist it into a Cross Bar below the leg drums. Then lift the Hanger by the Top Bar and set it all into the cooker. When the meat is done, simply lift the Top Bar and Hanger out together in one step.

Do more than just turkey! EZ-Load has several configurations that make it a great way to cook a number of foods. Use it for pork shoulders, spiral hams, chickens, and much more. Use a single cross bar at the bottom and one in the middle to stack two chickens. A single cross bar at the bottom will easily support a very large cut of meat, but for extra support you can use a second bar at the bottom to form an “X.” You can also use the hanger as a huge skewer for meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Even hang multiple hangers from the top bar to cook a whole lot more food. There is so much you can do!

Made from thick, solid stainless steel, the kit includes the long vertical EZ-Load Hanger, two EZ-Load Cross Bars which thread onto the Hanger to support the meat being hung, and EZ-Load Top Bar that rests on the upper level and allows up to three EZ-Load Hangers to hook on to it.

The EZ Load Turkey Plus Kit includes: (1) EZ-Load Top Bar, (1) EZ-Load Hanger, and (2) EZ-Load Cross Bars

Specs: All components are made of #304 stainless steel. Dishwasher Safe. Hanger is 15” long. Cross bars are 10” long. Top bar sits inside a 14” diameter.

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