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Pit Mitt<sup>®</sup> Glove Pit Mitt<sup>®</sup> Glove
  • Pit Mitt Glove
  • Pit Mitt being used to lift out hot EZ-Load Turkey Kit

Pit Mitt® Glove

4.67 / 5 Stars

Temporarily Unavailable

Protect your hand and forearm while handling hot food, grates, and hooks with the Pit Mitt®.

  • Details

The increasingly popular Pit Mitt is a must have for pit style cooking. Keeps the hand safe and allows easy handling of hot grill components and tools on all levels.

  • One size fits all
  • Glove withstands extreme heat up to 475 F (246 C)
  • Made of aramid fibers (also used in aerospace and the military) that form a protective heat barrier
  • Silicone textured surface for superior grip
  • Reversible for left or right hand and long length covers wrist and lower arm
  • Measures 13" by 6.3"