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18C Extension Kit 18C Extension Kit

18C Extension Kit

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18C Extension Kit gives you 5 extra inches of hang distance! It also allows for the Drip Pan / Water Bowl to sit at the lowest level in the O-Grate! Made of stainless steel and includes an inner and outer section. Read more below.

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More Hang Distance & Cooking Options!

18C Stainless Steel Extension.

18C Stainless Steel Shroud and interior Heat/Vapor Shield.

Ready to own the tallest, badest, 18 inch wide barrel cooker known to man? You are half way there owning the 18C, but with this extension kit you take the cooking method and options to a whole new level. The 18C Stainless Steel Extension Kit lifts the barrel a whole five inches off the base. That means the cooking chamber is further up off the charcoal, that longer meats can be hung, that the bottom level is now in play for other types of cooks. Yes, the cooker behaves the same way with the extension, but you have more cooking room to play with!
  • Hang distance without extension is 22 inches. With extension, hang distance is 27 inches! That's 6 inches over the competition, and 3 inches more than the BHC 14D.
  • Includes: Extension Shroud & Extension Heat/Vapor Shield. Both parts must be used together for the extension to safetly and properly work.
  • Made with durable, rust resistant stainless steel.
  • Made in the USA
  • Cooker sits on top of the extension and is secure.
  • Shipping is $6.99 on all orders that do not include a cooker.

Download PDF Manual for 18C Extension.

18C Stainless Steel Base Replacement.

18C Extension on 18C Base. The barrel sits on the extension just as it sat on the base.