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Cooking Accessories for 18" BHC Models / 18C Drip Pan / Water Bowl
18C Drip Pan / Water Bowl 18C Drip Pan / Water Bowl

18C Drip Pan / Water Bowl

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Introducing the integrated Drip Pan / Water Bowl for the 18C! (DOES NOT INCLUDE O-GRATE) It fits perfectly and securely down inside the O-Grate creating the perfect modular set up for a variety of cooking options and can be used as a heat diffuser with the Extension Kit. See photos and details below.

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How to Use the 18C Bowl

Downloadable 18C Drip Pan/Water Bowl PDF Guide.

Traditional Drip Pan

If you want to catch drippings before they hit the coals, this is the way to do it! It requires the O-Grate to properly hold the bowl flush with the grate and keep securely in place. Holes in the Bowl align with the O-Grate pegs as the Bowl rests down in the center of the grate. Next, place the Full Grate right on top of it. Set your food above the bowl, on the Full Grate, and the dripping will fall right into the Bowl. Use a liner such as foil for easy clean up.

Why Catch the Drippings? Most people enjoy the "direct over the coals" taste, however, others prefer a more mild flavor that comes from catching the drippings. This can be additionally true for meats with more fat that also tend to cook longer.

CAUTION: When using the Bowl to catch water and grease be EXTREMELY careful not to let the bowl spill into the charcoal. An immediate and large grease fire may occur. Be safe, and remove the Bowl when the charcoal has completely cooled.

18C Drip Pan

Drip Pan setup in the 18C with the O-Grate.
*Bowl does NOT include other accessories.

Heat Diffuser

The Bowl and O-Grate can be used as a diffuser which will direct heat to the sides of the barrel and create a more mild convection cook. It can also temper the heat and help produce a lower cooking temperature. The key to this set up is using the O-grate and 18C Extension Kit which lifts the barrel up about 5 inches and allows the Bowl and O-Grate to be supported at the barrel's bottom level.

The Bowl can be used empty or filled with liquids and ingredients that will affect the cook and taste. Some comp teams even use regular sand to increase the diffuser's affect.

18C Bowl Diffuser

Bowl diffuser setup in the 18C with Extension Kit.
*Bowl does NOT include other accessories.

Water Bowl

Traditional water smokers use a water pan to keep moisture content high while cooking. However, the Barrel House design traps moisture so well that no water bowl is needed! That said, if you've never used a water smoker (such as the Weber Smokey Mountain), you'll be able to give it a try using this setup. Water bowls can also be used with tasty liquids and ingredients for different cooking effects. It's fun to experiment with beer, juice, wine, and adding ingredients such as onion and garlic that will vaporize flavors into the food.

The water bowl is intended to be used with the O-grate and optionally the 18C Extension Kit which allows the water bowl to be used at the lowest barrel level. Otherwise, use it at the middle level and hang short cuts of meat or set the full grate on top of the O-Grate and set food there.

18C Water Bowl
18C Drip Pan/Water Bowl Combination

Water Bowl setup in the 18C with O-Grate and Extension Kit.
*Bowl does NOT include other accessories.