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Cooking Accessories for 14" BHC Models / Drumstick Rack - BHC 14D
Drumstick Rack - BHC 14D Drumstick Rack - BHC 14D
  • Drumstick Rack
  • Cooked Drumsticks on the Rack with Accessory Wand
  • Drumsticks being taken off the rack
  • Finished Drumsticks Next to the Rack

Drumstick Rack - BHC 14D

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Fits 14-inch BHC Models.
Cook up to 15 drumsticks at once with this modular accessory for the Barrel House Cooker.

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Fits the BHC 14D model. Use this unique accessory with the Open Frame (included in the BHC 14D) on the middle level to suspend up to 15 drumsticks at once in the cooker. This helps them cook evenly, get their skin crispy, and keep the meat tender and juicy. Drumsticks have never been easier or more delicious. The Accessory Wand (also included with any cooker purchase) connects to the rack using our unique connection to make removing the rack from the cooker as easy as possible.

Wire-form, nickel-plated, dishwasher safe.