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Cooking Accessories for 14" BHC Models / 14D Heavy Duty Carrying Case
14D Heavy Duty Carrying Case 14D Heavy Duty Carrying Case
  • Fits in RV.
  • Fits Snug on 14D Barrel.
  • Fits Perfect on BHC 14D Base.
  • Fit all of BHC Accessories Inside.

14D Heavy Duty Carrying Case

4.00 / 5 Stars

Temporarily Unavailable

Thoughtfully designed and super durable, this carrying for the 14D and accessories is perfect for traveling, camping, picnicking, and storage.

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14D Portability at its Best!

Now you can take your BHC 14D everywhere you go with this amazing carrying set. Consisting of 3-pieces, the heavy-duty cases separately store the drum, base, and accessories with the highest level of protection and odor confinement. The thick, reinforced vinyl also has a smooth interior for easy cleaning. Each case features double stitching, thick handles, and durable zippers. The 14D Carrying Case is the ultimate storage and transportation option for your 14D Barrel House Cooker.

  • Perfect for camping, hunting, tailgating, & picnicking.
  • Store without mess in RV's, car trunks, & sheds.
  • Heavy duty material & zippers. The 500D PVC polyester is extra-thick and waterproof. Supple enough to resist cracking yet tough enough to withstand hard wear.
  • Washable, easy to clean, smooth interior.
  • Complete set includes three pieces.
BHC14D Carrying Case Set

14D Complete Case Set

Save a few dollars buying all three carrying cases together! These cases are worth every penny as they offer storage options, traveling ease, and accessory organization. Not a dime was spared for this high quality, durable solution for 14D owners.
  • 14D Barrel Carrying Case
  • 14D Base Carrying Case
  • 14D Accessory Carrying Case
Complete Carrying Case for BHC14D

14D Complete Carrying Case set.

14D Barrel Carrying Case

Included in set, also sold separately.
Keep your entire barrel section and lid contained, ready to travel. Set it in the back of a truck or jeep, or even in a trunk or compartment storage. The enclosable carrying handle is durable and comfortable.
  • Heavy-duty Vinyl
  • Durable Zipper in Front and Base
  • Double Stitching
  • Easy to Clean and Store
  • 1.25" Wide Double Carrying Handle
14D Carrying Drum Case

14D Heavy-duty Barrel Carrying Case.

14D Base Carrying Case

Included in this set, but also sold separately.
This case brings even more versatility to the system as it can be used to store and transport the base and accessories to make it a hibachi grill. Set the Open Frame and Half Grates on top and set it in the case. We recommend the Slotted Grates (sold separately) for even better grilling.
  • Also Fits Grates for Portable Hibachi
  • Top Carrying Handle
  • Double Stitching
  • Inside Velcro Pocket
  • Heavy-duty Vinyl
  • Durable Zipper
14D Carrying Base Case

14D Heavy-duty Base Carrying Case.

14D Accessory Carrying Case

Included in set, also sold separately.
The accessory case is going to be very popular because 14D owners will finally have a place to keep all their accessories together. It holds everything, except maybe the BBQCan depending on space.
  • Fits all Accessories (not included)
  • Heavy-duty Vinyl
  • Durable Zipper Usage
  • Double Stitching
14D Accessory Carrying Case

14D Heavy-duty Accessory Carrying Case.

The Carrying cases are heavy-duty and durable.

Cases feature double stitching, smooth interior, and zippers. The Base Case has two interior pockets.