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Cooking Accessories for 14" BHC Models

Polyester Cooker Cover - BHC 14D Protect Your Barrel House Cooker 14D from the Elements $31.99 Buy Now
Plus 8 Accessory Package - BHC 14D Save 10% + Get Free Shipping! $139.99 Buy Now
EZ-Load Turkey Plus Kit An Easier Way to Cook Certain Foods $19.99 Buy Now
Drumstick Rack - BHC 14D Cook Up to 15 Drumsticks at Once in the BHC 14D $14.99 Buy Now
Universal BBQue Can Makes smoking and grilling small foods easier. Works with any type of grill, smoker, or pellet grill. $24.95 Buy Now
Full Grill Grate - BHC 14D Full Grate for Cooking & Grilling $19.99 Buy Now
Pit Mitt® Glove Protect Your Hands While Cooking $19.99 Buy Now
Lavatools Javelin Instant Read Thermometer Accurate, Fast, Affordable Instant Read Thermometer $27.95 Buy Now
Reusable Cedar Plank Add Flavor to Fish, Fruit, & Steak $10.99 Buy Now
Slotted Grill Grate - BHC 14D Stainless Steel Grate Ideal for Delicate Foods on the BHC 14D $28.99 Buy Now
Stainless Steel Meat Hook Hang More Food with Additional Hooks $2.99 Buy Now
13-inch Pizza Pan Take Your Pizza Recipe Up a Notch with the BHC $22.99 Buy Now
Accessory Wand Replacement Wand - One Included with Every Cooker $9.99 Buy Now
Half Grill Grate - BHC 14D Additional Grate - Two Included with Model 14D Cooker $13.99 Buy Now
H-Frame - BHC 14D Replacement H-Frame - One Included with BHC 14D $18.99 Buy Now
Open Frame - BHC 14D Frame for Nesting Modular Grates - One Included with BHC 14D $14.99 Buy Now
Handle Shelf - BHC 14D Shelf to Store Hooks, the Accessory Wand, & More - One Included with 14D Model $9.99 Buy Now