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Cookers / Barrel House Cooker 14D
Barrel House Cooker 14D Barrel House Cooker 14D
  • video
  • Barrel lifts off base
  • Two Whole Chickens Hung in the BHC
  • Hang up to 6 full racks of ribs
  • Finished ribs that were hung in the BHC
  • Adjustable Elevation-Based Intake Setting
  • Accessory Wand Easily Lifts Hooks & Grates

Barrel House Cooker 14D

4.95 / 5 Stars

**Temporarily Unavailable**
This flagship Barrel House product is a premium hot-and-fast barrel cooker that makes smoked BBQ easy, fast, and delicious for anyone regardless of skill level. Get perfectly smoked, pit style food without the time and hassle of babysitting a smoker. It’s the perfect size for patios and portability without sacrificing cooking capacity. Try risk-free for 30 days! PATENT NO. USD813589

Excellent Cooker! Read the reviews!

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Backyard smoking is now for everybody!

Chickens cooked in the Barrel House Cooker.

Two chickens smoked in the Barrel House Cooker 14D.

This high-quality, super easy-to-use charcoal barrel cooker takes up just 14-inches of space, making it the perfect complement to your grill. This barrel smoker cooks hot-and-fast, meaning you’ll get lots of juicy, flavorful barbecue in 40% less time than traditional smokers without babysitting.

Hang for Max Capacity
Hang up to 6 racks of ribs, 2 chickens, 12 lb. brisket, or a 20 lb. turkey! Food cooks evenly top to bottom and does not fall off when properly hooked. Drippings from the meat coat the food in flavor and moisture instead of pooling or causing flare-ups.

Modular Grates & Accessories
Modular accessories make cooking on multiple levels at the same time easy. For instance, you can hang meat from the top level while setting food on a Half Grate on the middle level. Or you can create a full grate to cook large cuts of meat (like pork shoulder or prime rib) on the middle level. No matter the configuration, as long as air can easily travel top to bottom, the barrel cooker will trap moisture and cook evenly without using a water bowl or diffuser.

Portable, Patio Friendly Design
This barrel cooker is small, but mighty. Only 14" in diameter, weighing just 33 lb., and featuring latches to connect the base to the barrel, the BHC 14D is our most portable model. Yet, we didn’t sacrifice cooking capacity for portability. You can still cook quite a bit of food for your family and friends while tailgating, camping, RVing, and more. Also, stay tuned for a carrying case to make travel and camping even easier.

Easily hang and grate at the same time.

Easily hang & grate simultaneously on multiple levels.

Why Barrel House Cooker?

  • Removable Base: Barrel lifts off base for easy lighting, ash disposal, and for adding wood. Base also converts to a hibachi grill, perfect for searing or grilling.
  • Barrel lifts off base for easy access to charcoal.

    Detachable base makes lighting and clean-up easy.

  • Unique Flavor:Food achieves an unbelievable, unique smoky flavor while remaining tender and juicy. The flavor from the barrel smoker is unlike anything else on the market because of the way the juices coat the food and drip onto the charcoal. Wood chunks or chips can be added to the charcoal for an additional flavor profile. See How it Works.
  • Simple Intake/Exhaust: One time, elevation-based setting allows you to "hang it & forget it" for 6+ hours of steady cooking temperature without babysitting.
  • Huge Capacity: This 14-inch barrel smoker packs a punch when it comes to cooking for friends and family. It doesn’t take much space on your patio, but you’ll be cooking enough food to feed a small party in no time.
  • Fast Results:Cooks at 275˚- 310˚F, a competition proven alternative to “Low & Slow" for faster cooking with incredible results.
  • USA Jobs: Barrel House is assembled at a USA manufacturing company with over 60 years with outstanding products and service.

Your new Barrel House Cooker 14D will arrive fully assembled (just snap on the stand) and ready to cook. The infused porcelain finish is not paint, so there is no need to season or burnout before cooking. That means you can be a “pit-pro" within 15 minutes of opening the box!

Deluxe Kit includes: (1) Barrel House Cooker, (1) Hinged Lid, (1) Manual & Instructions Booklet, (1) Built-in Thermometer, (1) H-Frame, (2) Half Grill Grates, (1) Open Frame, (6) Meat Hooks, (1) Accessory Wand, and (1) Handle Shelf.

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  • Detachable Base:
    The detachable base adds hanging length, makes lighting and clean-up a breeze, increases portability, and gives you the option to use it as a hibachi grill.
  • Small Footprint, Lightweight:
    The small footprint, lightweight design makes the cooker portable and patio friendly while maximizing cooking space with the vertical hanging method. Cook up to 6 racks of ribs, a full packer brisket, or a 20 lb. turkey in a cooker with a 14” diameter.
  • 6 lbs. of Charcoal, 6+ Hours of Burn Time:
    This cooker uses 6 lbs. of charcoal briquettes, which can burn for 5+ hours without fussing over it. Wood chips can be added to the charcoal for additional flavor, and lump can be used understanding that it burns hotter and faster.
  • 40% Shorter Cook Times than Most Smokers:
    Shorter cook times than most smokers means that you won’t have to wait as long to enjoy the fruits of your effort.
  • High-Quality Materials:
    The Barrel House Cooker is built to last with a 20 gauge metal barrel that is porcelain enameled inside and out, has stainless steel components, high-heat rated plastic handles, and a non-abrasive stand. This cooker isn’t going to rust-out or fall apart.
  • Engineered for Easy, Consistent Cooking:
    Barrel House is meticulously designed from the hinged lid with a lid-mounted thermometer down to the elevation-based intake and integrated heat shield. We’ve regulated the airflow for optimum performance, so you don’t have to worry about it while your food is cooking.
  • Lid Mounted Thermometer to baseline your start-up temperature.
  • Hinged Lid with Prop Pin to allow easy open/close, and to prop the lid open to allow more air in when you want higher temps.
  • Hibachi capability to grill, sear, or reverse sear easily.
  • Integrated Heat Shield
  • Regulated Air Flow
  • Non-Abrasive Stand
  • Reversible Coal Basket

Cooking System

  • Charcoal fueled
  • Vertical cooker
  • Meat hanging method
  • Multi-level modular options


  • Kingsford Original Briquettes (recommended)
  • Other briquettes can be used, as well as lump


  • Barrel House Cooker
    • Diameter of Cooking Barrel: 14"
    • Overall Width: 19" closed, 19" open
    • Overall Height: 39" closed, 50" open
    • Overall Depth: 16" closed, 23" open
    • Hanging Distance (top bar to coal): 24"
    • Weight: 33.2lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions
    • Box 42"x18"x18"
    • Weight: 44lbs
    • Dimensional Weight: 82lbs


  • No assembly required
  • 20 gauge steel drum
  • Porcelain-enameled (interior & exterior)
    • Lid
    • Barrel top & bottom
  • Stainless steel hardware
    • Sealed rivets, bolts & nuts
    • Hinge, Hinge pins & e-clips
  • Stainless steel components
    • Meat hanging hooks
    • Handle mounts & latches
    • Thermometer
    • Intake vent and frame
    • Coal basket & heat shield
  • Nickel coated steel accessories (dishwasher safe):
    • Grates
    • Modular frames
    • Accessory wand
  • Aluminum
    • Cooker stand, hemmed edge for floor protection
    • Barrel House Cooker name plate
    • Air intake plate with instructions
  • Heat-rated polycarbonate plastic
    • Handles
    • Latch Covers
  • Insulated lid gasket
    • Nomex felt, 1/8" thick
    • Flame-resistant