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Temperature Guide

Note: When cooking a variety of different meats, insert the meat with the longest cook time first.

  Cook Time Range Meat Internal Temperature
Pork Ribs (2-4 Racks) 3-4 hours Tugs apart
Chicken (Whole or Halves) 2-2.5 hours 165 (breast)
165-175 (thigh/leg)
Chicken (Pieces) 30-90 min (depending on thickness) 165 (breast)
165-175 (thighs/legs/wings)
Turkey (Whole) 20 min per lb 170-175 (breast)
Tri-Tip (1-3)
(Thick Beef)
45-60 min 125 Rare
130-135 Medium rare
135-140 Medium
140-150 Medium well
155 Well done
Brisket 4-6 hours 200
Pork Tenderloin (1-6) 45-60 min 135 Medium rare
140-145 Medium
150 Medium well
155+ Well done
Fish (cook on middle level) 30-45 min 130-145 (flaky, tender, slightly translucent)
Prime Rib 2.5-3 hours 120 Rare
130 Medium
140 Well done
Pork Shoulder 5-6 hours 195-200
Pizza 45-55 min Prop lid last 20 minutes
Corn-on-the-Cob 30-45 min  
Potatoes/Vegetables (cook potatoes on middle level) 30 min (vegetables)
60 min (whole potatoes)
Kabobs 30-45 min Varies based on meat type