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How It Works

The Magic of Barrel House

Barrel House Vertical Smokers offer a new take on a cooking method that brings award-winning BBQ to every home. Barrel House accomplishes this by combining three popular BBQ styles into one. First, meat is cooked directly over the heat source, like a regular grill, which means there is no water pan or offset smoke source. Second, it smokes the meat by trapping the vaporized drippings that circulate in the cooker and infuses that smoky flavor into the meat. And third, moisture is contained within the chamber producing juicy, pit-style results. To top it all off, the system is faster than a traditional smoker, allows the meat to be cooked to your preferred level of doneness, and is engineered to cook consistently for 6+ hours without babysitting.

The Cooking Process

Starting the Cook

  1. Set the air intake one time according to the instructions.
  2. Prepare meat with seasonings and insert hook. See instructions for recipes and help.
  3. Light the coals according to the instructions. How the barrel cooker is started is key to consistent cooks, burn time, and great results.
  4. Hang the meat, close the lid.
The Cooking Process

What Happens Once You Close the Lid & Walk Away

  1. Air is drawn through the intake openings, but only as much air as the intake and fixed exhaust allows.
  2. Air flows into the coals allowing them to burn, but at a controlled rate, not reaching their peak heat.
  3. Hot air from the coals moves up through the barrel and reaches the top of the cooker.
  4. Some of the air is exhausted and some inverts back down into the barrel.
  5. Convection occurs as hot air continually moves up into the barrel and inverts back down.
  6. The entire cooking chamber becomes a hot oven, settling into the optimum cooking range of 275˚-315˚ F. This is hotter than traditional smokers, cooks faster, and produces a very good, unique result.
  7. As the food is cooked from all sides, top to bottom, the drippings hit the coals and vaporize. This creates a smoky cloud of moisture that infuses flavor and juiciness into the meat, resulting in pit-style results.
Cooks evenly top to bottom

Finishing the Cook

  1. At the suggested time (see our meat temperature guide), check the internal temperature of the meat and remove if done, or continue to cook to preference.
  2. When done, remove smoked meat using accessory wand, remove the hook(s), and serve.
Finishing the Cook