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How It Works

The Process

  1. The air intake is set based on the elevation of the city you live in. The elevation-based air intake and fixed exhaust cause the charcoal to burn slowly and consistently for 5+ hours without babysitting.
  2. Breaking tradition, the charcoal is lit for only 15 minutes before the lid is closed to cook food.
  3. Food is suspended directly over the charcoal, either by hanging or placing it on a grate.
  4. Heat and smoke rise in the cooker and circulate around the food thanks to the carefully engineered air-flow.
  5. Food is then cooked evenly top to bottom through convection cooking. Juices hit the charcoal and vaporize, creating a tenderizing cloud of moisture for the food to cook in, but doesn't cause any flare-ups due to engineered air regulation.
  6. When the food is cooked to your preferred level of doneness, take it out and enjoy!
14D Air intake

BHC 14D Air Intake Setting

18C Air intake

BHC 18C Air Intake Setting

The Magic of Hanging

While hanging food is certainly different, we guarantee you’ll love the results. Read below to understand why we recommend hanging food.
BHC hang it
Hanging Maximizes Capacity

Hanging takes advantage of the vertical space in a barrel drum. Depending on the cooker model (14D vs 18C), you can hang 6-8 racks of ribs, 3-4 chickens, 20-30 lb. turkeys, 12-14 lb. briskets, and more. Plus, when hooked according to our instructions, food will not fall during the cook. Ribs are secured under 3-4 bones and can be double hooked, beef is fibrous and does not tear, and chicken is hooked under the breastbone to provide support.

BHC hang it
Drippings Self-Baste Food in Flavor

Two unique things happen when hanging meat. First, juices coat the entire piece of meat, all the way around, during the entire cook. This locks in tenderness and flavor from every side and helps the food cook evenly. Second, as juices sizzle on the charcoal (without flaring-up!), they evaporate back into the cooker infusing an incredible flavor into the food.

BHC hang it
Food Cooks Evenly & Doesn’t Burn

Yes, even food that hangs close to the charcoal (like ribs) doesn’t get burned. The drippings also help keep the tips of the meat moist during the cook. And, due to the limited air-intake and exhaust, the hot, humid air rises to the top of the cooker and inverts back down, creating an even cooking temperature throughout the barrel without the need for a water bowl or diffuser.

Using the Grate

We provide a grate with every cooker because it maximizes the versatility of the Barrel House Cooker.
BHC Grate it
Use Grate for Smoking Options

Set the Full Grate (or two Half Grill Grates + the Open Frame for the 14D) on the middle level of the cooker for a more traditional smoking experience. We recommend foods like pork shoulder be cooked on the grate for best results.

BHC Grate it
Grill Traditional Favorites

Set the charcoal basket on the H-Frame on the middle level and set the grate on the top level for a direct grilling experience. The 18C is great for grilling for a larger group, while the 14D is perfect for a small family.

BHC Grate it
Hang & Grate Simultaneously

The 14D model comes with Half Grates that allow you to set food while simultaneously hanging food. The 18C model requires additional accessories for hanging and grating simultaneously. Picture shows the Slotted Grate on the top level (sold separately).

Searing with the Detachable Base

The barrel separates from the base of both cooker models for added ease of use, portability, and versatility.
BHC Grate it
Easy Charcoal Access

Lighting the Barrel House Cooker is easier and safer than other cookers thanks to the detachable base. It also makes adding wood or more charcoal (for extra long cooks) incredibly convenient.

BHC Grate it
Sear or Reverse Sear Smoked Food

The base on both models converts into a hibachi grill. It’s perfect for a quick sear before smoking or reverse sear after smoking for extra flavor and texture. See the manual for hibachi instructions.

BHC Grate it
Quick Clean-Up

The detachable base makes cleaning out the ash after a cook super easy. Simply dump the (cool) ash out of the base and into a metal or concrete waste bin.

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