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Barrel House Cooker 18C


BRAND NEW PRODUCT! Launched Jan. 2018!

The BHC 18C features a more traditional barrel size while maintaining the level of quality and thoughtful design and features that customers love about Barrel House. Cook an incredible amount of food on the grates or by hanging. The BHC 18C uses more charcoal than our flagship Deluxe 14 Model, but cooks more food, just as efficiently.

Excellent cooker! Read the reviews!.

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Barrel House Cooker 14D

BHC 14 Deluxe

The flagship Barrel House product, the BHC 14D, is a premium hot-and-fast barrel smoker that makes smoked BBQ easy, fast, and delicious for anyone regardless of skill level. Get perfectly smoked, pit style food without the time and hassle of babysitting a smoker. It’s the perfect size for patios and portability without sacrificing cooking capacity and comes with everything you need to produce quick and truly amazing results.

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Excellent Cooker! Read the reviews!

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