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Compare BHC 14D vs 18C

For a side-by-side comparison, scroll down to the chart below.


The choice between 14D or 18C really comes down to several factors: capacity, out of the box cooking options, and portability. Both models will cook a bunch of food, no problem, but if you’re cooking for 10 or more people on a regular basis, the 18C might be the best choice for you. Also, if you plan on using your Barrel House Cooker to do a lot of grilling, the 18C is the clear winner for grilling surface area. However, the 14D takes the cake when it comes to out of the box cooking options. With the included modular Half Grill Grates, the ability to hang and grate simultaneously is easy, whereas the 18C requires the purchase of additional accessories to hang and grate simultaneously. Both cookers are portable, but the 14D is lighter, more compact, and the latches make it easier to move around, making it the ideal option for anyone on the go.

Model BHC 14D BHC 18C
Price $299 $299
Diameter 14-in. 18-in.
Height 39-in. 35.5-in.
Hanging Distance 24-in. 22-in.
Weight 33.2 lb. 44 lb.
Hanging Capacity 6 racks of ribs, 3 whole chickens, 20 lb turkey 8 racks of ribs, 4 whole chickens, 30 lb turkey
Grill Grate Capacity 5 burgers, 1 whole chicken, 7 lb. pork shoulder 10 burgers, 2 whole chickens, 15 lb. pork shoulder
Removable Base Yes Yes
Latches (for Base) Yes No
Hibachi Feature Yes (Use Open Frame with Half Grill Grates) Yes (Full Grate Nests onto Charcoal Basket)
Barrel & Lid Coating Porcelain-enameled inside and out Porcelain-enameled inside and out
Charcoal Basket Materials Stainless Steel E-Coated Steel
Base Materials/Coating Porcelain Enameled Steel Base E-Coated Steel
Heat Shield Yes No
Charcoal Capacity 6 lb. of Charcoal Briquettes 8 lb. of Charcoal Briquettes
Intake Style Sliding Damper Pin on Side of Base Sliding Paddle Under the Cooker
Lid Thermometer Yes Yes
Cooking Levels 3 Levels + Hibachi 3 Levels + Hibachi
Simultaneous Hanging & Grating Yes, out of the box using Half Grill Grates Yes, with purchase of additional accessories
Handle Design Stainless Steel with Heat-Rated Plastic Zinc Coated Steel Spring Handles
Assembly No, just snap in aluminum stand Yes, some basic assembly required
Lid Management Hinged Lid with Prop Pin Lid Cleat to Hang Lid on Unit
Lid Gasket Nomex Felt Insulated Lid Gasket No
Included Accessories (1) H-Frame, (2) Half Grill Grates, (1) Open Frame, (6) Meat Hooks, (1) Accessory Wand, (1) Handle Shelf (1) H-Frame, (1) Full Grate, (8) Meat Hooks, (1) Accessory Wand
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