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Below, we've compared the basic features of some popular types of grills and smokers. Each example was chosen for its comparable size/cooking volume and quality to the Barrel House Cooker. Be sure to check out our deep dive, head-to-head comparisons of the pros and cons of the Barrel House and individual grills/smokers in the "Compare to BHC" section.

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The Basics
Bottom Line
In-Depth Comparison
Barrel House Cooker 14DBarrel House Cooker Model: Barrel House Cooker 14D
Retail: $249
Weight: 33 pounds
Manufacturing: Designed and assembled in USA
A hassle-free charcoal smoker. The Barrel House is versatile, has a small footprint and the one-time elevation setting makes cooking effortless. Total surface area for cooking on grates is limited. Relies more on hanging meat. The Barrel House is an excellent value — great for cooking tender, smoked barbecue with almost no effort.
Barrel House Cooker 18CBarrel House Cooker Model: Barrel House 18C
Retail: $249
Weight: 44 pounds
Manufacturing: Designed and assembled in USA
Versatile, effortless, and brings a bigger cooking surface than the 14D to grill, hang, or smoke. Accessories available to hang and cook on a grate simultaneously. While the portability is still easy, it does need to be moved in two pieces, the base and the barrel. The Barrel House 18C is an excellent value for its price. Great for cooking tender, smoked barbecue with little effort.
Pellet Grill Pellet Grill: Traeger Lil' Tex Model: Traeger Lil' Tex
Retail: $699
Weight: 95 pounds
Manufacturing: Made in China
With electronic temperature regulation, pellet grills give users greater control over temperature, eliminating most of the guesswork of traditional smokers. Requires hardwood pellets and constant electricity to function. Pellets product mild smoke; most cannot get hotter than 450°F and they can be very expensive. Pellet grills take much of the labor and guesswork out of smoking but are limited by their price and inability to operate without electricity.
Ceramic Kamado Ceramic Kamado: Big Green Egg Model: 18" Big Green Egg
Retail: $850
Weight: 162 pounds
Manufacturing: Made in Mexico
Kamado grills retain and distribute heat well. They function well as outdoor ovens and can achieve temperatures ideal for searing or smoking. Can be very heavy and expensive. Needs aftermarket accessory for smoking. Adjusting the airflow to maintain the desired temperature can be challenging. Kamados are among the best grills on the market but are limited by their price and lack of standard accessories.
Offset Smoker Offset Smoker: Oklahoma Joe Highland Model: Oklahoma Joe Highland
Retail: $299
Weight: 178 pounds
Manufacturing: Made in China
Offsets create a strong smoke flavor and are the standard for traditional "slow and low" cooking. Offsets have very large footprints and regulating temperature can be tedious. More reliable models can be very expensive. Offset smokers produce exceptional barbecue but need to be babysat — especially models costing less than $1000.
Water (Bullet) Smoker Water Smoker: Weber Smokey Mountain Model: 18" Weber Smokey Mountain
Retail: $299
Weight: 47 pounds
Manufacturing: Designed and assembled in USA
Water smokers fit much of the functionality of traditional smokers into a compact footprint that seals in moisture and infuses a smoky flavor. Temperature is affected by several factors that can make it difficult to achieve and maintain consistent temperatures. Water smokers are compact and affordable but they need to be babysat. For the price, they are a good value.
Kettle Grill Kettle Grill: Weber Original Model: 22" Weber Original
Retail: $99
Weight: 32 pounds
Manufacturing: Designed and assembled in USA
Kettles are compact, versatile, inexpensive and, with some practice, can be used for a variety of cooking methods including smoking. Can be difficult to clean. Takes a considerable amount of time and effort to use for anything other than grilling. A great value. Kettles are simple, durable and affordable.
Gas Grill Gas Grill: Weber Spirit E-210 Model: Weber Spirit E-210
Retail: $399
Weight: 128 pounds
Manufacturing: Made in China
Gas grills are easy to use, can be started with the push of a button and have reliable temperature control. Often have large footprints and are not able to achieve the smoky flavor of charcoal or wood smokers. Gas grills do not deliver the flavor of wood or charcoal, but the convenience is hard to beat. Great for grilling in a hurry.

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