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Universal BBQueCan and SmokeCan

Enjoy grilling and smoking new treats and familiar favorites using these amazing products.


BBQue Can

The one-of-a-kind BBQueCan is guaranteed to add excitement to your grilling adventures! What was once difficult or impossible to BBQ is now simple! Small vegetables, nuts, cut potatoes, meatballs, small meat pieces and even kabobs can be made without the skewer. It also bakes bread and cooks a whole meatloaf. Come taste the infused BBQ and smoky flavors and experience easy grilling!

BBQueCan is made of stainless steel, and has a locking bail that doubles as a hanger for vertical smokers! Fun to use, easy to clean, and makes a great gift. More Details >


Universal SmokeCan

Turn your grill into a smoker whenever you want! Simply add hickory, apple, mesquite, cherry, or oak wood chips or hardwood pellets to get 3 hours of rich billowing smoke.

As your food cooks using gas, charcoal, or lump the SmokeCan delivers additional smoky flavor! In fact, you can forego the direct heat source and only use the SmokeCan to ‘Cold Smoke’ a variety of foods such as cheese, veggies, meat, spices, and more. More Details >

Featured Recipes

BHC Classic 18
Sweat Heat Smoked Almonds

Absolute crowd favorite, the BBQueCan makes crunchy, tasty almonds on any grill or smoker.

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BHC Classic 18
Skewerless Kabobs

What is the quickest way to make kabobs? Use the BBQueCan! Throw all the ingredients into the can, lay it on the grill, roll it around, and presto - you have incredible kabobs already off the skewer!

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