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Barrel Cooker Stand-Off

Hanging meat in an enclosed barrel is growing in popularity due to its ease-of-use and unique flavor results. In fact, this cooking method has captured the attention of BBQ professionals who are winning competitions. As the demand for barrel smokers increase and more options make their way to the market, we hope to help clarify some of the product differences. Of course one could build their own barrel smoker — or ugly drum smoker as they are often called — but the quality and durability may not compare to some of the finished products available on the market. Plus, you'd have to figure out the optimal balance of air intake and exhaust in relation to the barrel size, and coal burn rate to achieve perfect results. That said, the more common option will be purchasing a complete, ready-to-use product. Below are some of the popular out-of-the box configurations to consider and how Barrel House stands out among them.

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(Last updated 1/2017) Big Poppa Smoker All-In-Drum Kit* Pit Barrel Cooker** Barrel House Deluxe Barrel House Standard
Barrel Diameter Barrel not included 18" 14" 14"
Drum Metal Gauge Barrel not included 18 (20 prior to end of 2014). 20 20
Coating (Barrel, Base, Lid) Barrel not included Porcelain finished outside, porcelain dusted inside Porcelain finished in/out Porcelain finished in/out
Charcoal Volume 10lbs (~200 coals) 8lbs (~160 coals) 6lbs (~120 coals) 6lbs (~120 coals)
Hanging Distance (from top bar to charcoal) N/A 22" 24" 24"
Brisket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turkey Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hinged Lid No No Yes No
Thermometer Yes No Yes No
Hanging Design No Rebar rods Contoured frame Contoured frame
Built-In Grate / Accessory Levels 1 2 3 3
Hang & Grate Simultaneously No Sold separately, $16.95 Yes Yes
Detachable Fire Box Base No No Yes Yes
Heat Safety Shield No No Yes Yes
Detachable Hibachi Base No No Yes Yes
Easy Ash Removal Yes Sold separately, $29.95 Yes Yes
Adjustable Intake Vent 2 holes, 2 sliders Single rotatable cover with screw 4 holes, single slider 4 holes, single slider
Affixed Cooker Stand No No Yes Yes
Accessories Included (Multiple Counted Once) 6 Accessories
  • 1x Grill Grate
  • 1x Cooking Mat
  • 1x Ash Catcher
  • 1x Bottle Opener
  • 1x Side Table
  • 1x Shield Assembly
4 Accessories
  • 1x Grill Grate
  • 2x Rebar
  • 8x Meat Hook
  • 1x Wooden Hook Remover
6 Accessories
  • 2x Half Grill Grate
  • 1x H-Frame
  • 4x Meat Hook
  • 1x Acc. Wand
  • 1x Handle Shelf
  • 1x Open Frame
4 Accessories
  • 2x Half Grill Grate
  • 1x H-Frame
  • 4x Meat Hook
  • 1x Acc. Wand
Warranty Contact mfg. for details Contact mfg. for details 1 year 1 year
Free Shipping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $199 $299 $349 $299

*Note: The Big Poppa Smoker provides a kit to assemble your own complete smoker on your own 55-gallon drum. Big Poppa Smoker is a registered trademark of Big Poppa Smokers, not Barrel House Cooker LLC.

**Note: Pit Barrel Cooker is a registered trademark of Pit Barrel Cooker LLC., not Barrel House Cooker LLC.

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