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Love smoked bbq, but not the time, effort, cost, and space that go with it? Then meet Barrel House. Get yours for $249.
7 Reasons to Buy

Discover Barrel Cooking

Barrel House Cookers are premium barrel smokers designed to make smoking meat easier and faster than traditional smokers with uniquely delicious, always tender results.

Taking its inspiration from ugly drum smokers, the Barrel House has been refined for every-day patio use and portability. The Barrel House Cooker uses a hot-and-fast cooking method resulting in perfect barbecue every time no matter your skill level.

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Hang or Grate Food

Hanging food maximizes capacity and cooks food evenly top to bottom. Drippings vaporize and coat food in flavor and moisture instead of causing flare ups.

  • Hang 6 racks of baby back ribs, a 20 lb turkey, 2 whole chickens, and more.
  • Modular accessories on multiple levels make cooking a variety of foods possible.
  • Use hooks to hang meat or use the included grate system.

Let It Cook

Enjoy shorter cook times than most smokers and a burn time of 5+ hours without adding fuel. It's been engineered to cook at the same temperature for hours on end.

No babysitting and no experience required.

Enjoy the Results

Great texture? Check. Juicy? Check. Tender? Double check. Flavor? Out of this world.

There's nothing like tasting food off a Barrel House Cooker for yourself, but you don't have to take our word for how it turns out. Check out our awesome 5-star reviews.


How It Works

Breaking tradition, the charcoal is lit for only 15 minutes before the lid is closed to cook food. The elevation based air intake and fixed exhaust cause the charcoal to burn slowly and consistently for hours on end without fussing over it.

Food is suspended directly over the charcoal. Heat and smoke rise in the cooker and circulate around the food thanks to our engineered air-flow.

Food is then cooked evenly top to bottom through convection cooking. Juices hit the charcoal and vaporize, creating a tenderizing cloud of moisture for the food to cook in, but doesn't cause any flare-ups due to engineered air regulation.

No Fuss'n, No Flipp'n, No Flare-Ups!

More details on Barrel House's cooking method.

Our Process

General instructions for using the Barrel House.


Basic how-to guides for popular BBQ foods.

Cooking Guide

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Compare our 14 and 18 inch wide Barrel House Cooker models. Both models now available for $249.

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